• ■ BEER ■

    • The Premium Mortes fragrant ale

      580 yen

      It is a premium beer of fresh fruity and refreshing aroma that gives a fresh aroma.

    • Corona beer (bottle) / Guinness beer (bottle)

      Each 700 yen
    • All free

      500 yen

      Non alcohol beer test beverage

    • Red eye / Shandigafu

      Each 600 yen
  • ■ HIGH BALL ■

    • Schuett Highball

      500 yen

      Honey with lemon

    • Corner highball

      500 yen

      Lemon / lime each + 50 yen

  • ■ GLASS WINE ■

    • Barra Da Campo Alleba (Red)

      500 yen

      Spanish Produce / Varieties: Monastrel / Taste: Medium Body

    • Bodegas Raya (red)

      600 yen

      Spanish Produce / Varieties: Garnacha / Taste: Full Body

    • Picard Dersourt Chardonnay (White)

      500 yen

      Chilean / cultivar: Chardonnay / Taste: Dry

    • Kiel / Kiel Royale / Mimosa / Kitty

      Each 550 yen
    • Barrel Sparkling

      500 yen ~

      Grass 500 yen / decanter (4.8 glasses of glasses) 1,750 yen


    • Raw cassis orange / raw cassis raspberry / raw lemonade / raw vodka time

      Each 600 yen
    • Raw cassis grapefruit / sangria / mojito / ginger mojito

      Each 600 yen
  • ■ WHISKY ■

    • Suntory Chita

      580 yen

      It is a light mouth like the wind, which enhances the taste of dishes.

    • Bowmore 12 years

      650 yen

      Best balanced ilamoruto.

    • Lagavoldin 16 years

      950 yen
    • Various soda split

      +50 Yen
  • ■ SHOCHU ■

    • [Wheat] a grain of wheat

      500 yen
    • [Wheat] and eight

      680 yen
    • [Potato] black Kirishima

      500 yen
    • [Potato] Beelzebub

      800 yen
    • [Sugar] and Ren

      500 yen
    • 【Brown sugar】 Ryugu

      500 yen

    • Aragoshi plum wine

      550 yen
    • Rework bean apple

      550 yen
    • Aragoshi oranges

      550 yen
    • Aragoshimomo

      550 yen
    • Yuzu liquor

      550 yen
  • ■ COCKTAIL ■

    • 【Cassis】 Orange / grapefruit / pine / oolong / soda

      Each 580 yen
    • 【Peach】 Orange / grapefruit / pine / oolong / soda

      Each 580 yen
    • 【Tequila】 Orange / grapefruit / pine / oolong / soda

      Each 580 yen
    • 【Jin】 Orange / grapefruit / pine / oolong / soda

      Each 580 yen
    • [Vodka] orange / grapefruit / pine / oolong / soda

      Each 580 yen

    • Shirley Temple / Cranberry Orange

      Each 500 yen
    • Cranberry Grape / Ginger Mojito

      Each 500 yen
  • ■ WINE LIST ~ WHITE ~ ■

    • Bicalard Desles Chardonnay (Chile)

      Bottle 2500 yen

      Peach and apricot, fresh passion fruit aroma and orange floral scent sweet white wine.It is a preeminent Chardonnay that responds to a drinking response that is tightened acid and creamy and has a sense of volume.

    • Dreamtime Pass Sauvignon Blanc (Australia)

      Bottle 3200 yen

      Sauvignon Blanc is charming with a fresh scent and gentle taste.Aroma of passion fruit, herbs, citrus etc.It also has a refreshing flavor in the refreshing.By blending Semillon and others, it is finished in a well-balanced style.

    • La Mura Organico, Bianco di Sicily (Italy)

      Bottle 3500 yen

      Harvested in mid-October when Catarat seeds cultivated in Biologic (scientific substances (agricultural chemicals and fertilizers without any use)) are ripe.A fragrance reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruit, fresh, fragrant, balanced and dry dry white wine.

    • Riesling / Trinback (France)

      Bottle 4500 yen

      Riesling of varieties that are emphasizing very much at TrinBack.It is a dry, balanced and elegant wine.

    • La Chablisurene Chablis La Pierre (France)

      Bottle 5800 yen

      Producer who boasts the maximum production volume of 1/4 of the whole Chablis but is regarded as the top quality as well.Elegant apple and pear aroma aroma, it is a wine that you can feel a stunning texture in the mouth.

    • Fevery Burgundy · Blanc (France)

      Bottle 6500 yen

      The prestigious Favorite white wine.In addition to the thickness of the fruit, the body of the barrel maturation imagines an advanced Chardonnay.It is a wine that you can realize the high performance that can be done because it is FEVRAY.

  • ■ WINE LIST ~ RED ~ ■

    • Barra Da Campo Aliba (Spain) Glass

      Bottle 2800 yen

      Southeastern Spain, D.0. Red wine of fresh fruit taste by a creator who leads quality of Jecla.It is very juicy because it uses only ripe grapes grown in plentiful sunshine.

    • Long · Flat Cabernet · Sauvignon · Shiraz (Australia)

      Bottle 3200 yen

      A spicy scent feels spicy and condensed.Luxurious and long reverberation full of fruit flavors and smooth drinking.

    • La Mura Organico, Rosso di Sicilia (Italy)

      Bottle 3500 yen

      Cultivated in Biologic (agricultural chemicals and farming methods without using scientific fertilizer), harvested after the ripening of Nero and Darvora species.A glossy shade, a fragrance reminiscent of red cherry, a medium style balance with a rich fruit taste and a beautiful sour taste Red wine of good quality.

    • Elasris Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)

      Bottle 3500 yen

      Rich fragrance such as ripe red fruit, sweet spice.It is characterized by fine tannins and familiar fruit taste and has a smooth flavor like velvet.

    • Bodekas Raya (Spain)

      Bottle 3600 yen

      Aroma with impressive flavor of ripe fruit and chocolate.The mouthfill is smooth, astringent is also included, and it is very well-balanced.It is a long and smooth finish.

    • Pinotage / Braham (South Africa)

      Bottle 5500 yen

      Relatively rich acidity and fruit taste, body with thick skeleton.It is delicious and feels good astringent.It is a fine wine with long finish, elegance, smooth, beautiful and transparent feel.

    • Colombia · Valley Merlot / Chateau Saint Michel (USA)

      Bottle 6200 yen

      Felt soft and plenty of tannins, while having complex taste, it is fun to enjoy Merlot.A flavor aroma reminiscent of a deep fruit, a wine that feels smooth and sweet finish.

    • Maranju Premier Cru La · Fussière Rouge (France)

      Bottle 8300 yen

      A plenty fruit flavor is pushed out to the front, and the tannins are fully melted into soft wines.

    • Edzizione · Cinque / Outbackoni / Farnese (Italy)

      Bottle 9200 yen

      Cherry, plum, ripe blackcurrant scent.Melanella like turkey like velvet, vanilla and chocolate and spice flavor.

    • Chateau Lagrange (France)

      Bottle 13,800 yen

      Black fruits and spices, aroma of reasonable barrels blend in gracefully, and the harmony of tannins and sourness has been successfully taken.Medoc Rating 3 Grade.It is the top class red wine in both the world and in name.


    • Organic Sparkling / Stellar (South Africa)

      Bottle 3500 yen

      Organic wine from Stellar who has won many medals every year.The scent of grapefruit and lime.Fresh, refreshing and gentle sourness and soft bubbles are comfortable wines.

    • Massana Noya Hippo Familia Brut Natule (Spain)

      Bottle 5000 yen

      Spanish sparkling wine made with the same recipe as champagne.Bubbles are delicate, soft and transparent and feel dry.It is an excellent wine that feels the original natural taste and elegance of grapes.

    • Louis Nickers Brut Reserve (France)

      Bottle 8800 yen

      You can feel the smell of citrus fruits, brioches and white flowers.Taste is refreshing champagne which felt acid and minerality moderately to fruit taste with condensation feeling.

    • Moet · Chandon Brut Imperial (France)

      Bottle 11000 yen

      One of the world's most beloved champagne.Since its establishment in 1743, it continues to be loved as a symbol of success and elegance.Taste is an elegant word.Please enjoy rich flavor with elegance.

  • ■ SOFT DRINK ■

    • Oolong tea / Coca-Cola / ginger ale / pine juice

      Each 350 yen
    • Guava juice / orange juice / mango juice / flap fruit juice

      Each 350 yen
    • Ice coffee / Ice tea

      Each 350 yen